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Free Blister Pack Service

Are you seeking a more efficient way to manage your medication routine? Look no further – PharmaDrug Direct offers a Monitored Dosage Service designed to simplify your regimen.

With our extensive experience in patient care, our Pharmacists recognize the significance of maintaining a structured medication schedule. Our Monitored Dosage Service is tailored to assist you in this endeavor by organizing your medications according to date and time, ensuring adherence to your prescribed dosage schedule.

What is a Monitored Dosage Service? Ideal for patients requiring three or more types of daily tablets, our Monitored Dosage Service provides your regular medications in weekly blister packs. This simplifies medication organization and aids in compliance with your prescribed regimen. It also helps identify missed doses or instances of multiple daily dosages taken on a single day.

You can conveniently have your blister pack delivered through our prescription delivery service.

What does a Weekly Blister Pack look like? Each weekly blister pack is segmented for the seven days of the week, with the top displaying the times of day for taking your medication. Each “blister” contains the tablets prescribed for that specific day and time.

Thus, the weekly blister pack serves as a visual aid, facilitating quick assessment of medication intake.

Make use of the weekly blister pack as a practical tool for medication organization. Interested in our Monitored Dosage Service? Simply reach out to PharmaDrug Direct, and we can discuss whether this service aligns with your needs.

*subject to eligibility criteria after consultation with the pharmacist

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