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PharmaDrug Direct

Emergency Supplies

In times of urgent medication needs, you may find yourself without a prescription, but fret not – our Emergency Supply Procedure is here to assist.

This provision can be initiated either by your doctor or by yourself as the patient. However, as an internet-based pharmacy, we are unable to offer in-person consultations. Instead, we swiftly dispatch your medication to your location. While we endeavor to ensure prompt delivery, please understand that it may not be as immediate as visiting a physical pharmacy where face-to-face interactions are possible.

Please note that certain Emergency Supplies may incur charges, even if you are exempt from prescription charges under normal circumstances. Additionally, some medications cannot be provided through Emergency Supply. To navigate through these procedures seamlessly, we encourage you to reach out to our pharmacy via telephone, where our knowledgeable staff, including our pharmacist, will guide you through the necessary steps.